Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Playing Saxophone

I have been talking about music lately and today I will be talking about it again. Oh well, it’s a good chance to have a chance to talk about music, at least I can talk about it freely. I could not sing, so I could not share any singing experience or tips on how to sing perfectly.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone in my friends knows how to play Saxophone. Well, I know a few who plays guitar and drums. I just know that playing this kind of instrument is not easy; it’s not just blowing as it needs proper blowing. I know saxophone player will agree with me. Another important thing to have if you want to be a good Saxophone player is first-class reeds. Reed is important accessory in a Saxophone so be sure your instrument have it or else you can’t use your Saxophone.

Wednesday Blah!

Yay, the week is halfway finish. Truly, time goes by so fast. Holiday season is fast approaching. I could only wish that blessing continue to pour so I can buy something for myself and for my family from my own earning. It’s been a while that I bought something for my Mom as I have been spending for her medications in the last few months. And I am thankful that she is better now although I have to remind and avoid her for doing house chores.

On the other note, today is the birthday of my cousin. He is currently working in a salon away from our place. I greeted him early this morning and he said he is in Baguio, the country’s summer capital. I hope he is having a blast.