Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where Was You?

…when the DILG officer and a Philhealth employee settled the issue. Of course the other honorable will not stop talking about although it has been resolve. Unpaid? I have receipts to prove. The last time I check I don’t have any liability in the barangay. Cleaning my name, I don’t need to put an effort into it for there are people who won’t stop ruining my name. And I am afraid; I don’t have any one to back me up and I don’t even know if my poor boyfriend will be at my side.

Anyway, I should not have ranting all this stupid things in any of my blog. But sometimes you have to do stupid things especially if are people are pushing you to do stupid things. For a long time I keep mum for what this lady is doing to me I guess I am just her favorite subject that when I pass by she starting shouting and laughing.