Friday, November 9, 2012

On Pagerank

Time check 6:57 AM,it what my netbook clock say. I have been awake for three hours, already. Yeah! You read it right folks I wake up way too early so I don’t be surprised I starting to complain of being sleepy.

The good thing is I am productive today, I almost done visit for the ComEx November 6 participants and I also visited some blogs in facebook. As I mentioned in my other blog I am seriously blog hopping to drive good blog traffic. I may not have an increase of pagerank in my other blog but I did here. This blog is finally PR3. I hope to get some tasks because of this. I have been receiving some offer in my other blog but not this blog though; maybe it’s a free domain. Advertisers choose to hire blog that have its own domain and self hosted.

Truth is I haven’t reached the amount I need for the holiday. So, I am hoping for the best..

Oh well, an increase of PR is enough reason to celebrate.