Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crawling Internet Connection

I was doing my online thing yesterday when I suddenly lost my connection and could not connect it back. Since I have been online for few hours and my eyes are getting tired I decided to take a nap and continue my undone tasks when I wake up. After taking a nap I still could not connect to the internet. I am having the same error. After trying for countless of time I opt to call the customer service only to found out that or phone has no dial tone. I immediately thought it was the culprit why I couldn’t connect to the internet.

Since I have undone task that is due today I decided to visit the internet cafĂ© in town and again they don’t have internet connection too. So I give up as I know something wrong with our internet and phone provider and wait until its back. I am glad when I manage to connect to the internet this morning but it is crawling like a turtle. It’s annoying but better than nothing.

Anyway, I still have reason to smile from ear to ear in spite of the slow internet connection as I have few tasks to work on. LL has been so good to me as they assigned few tasks to work on in my other blog and one tasks for this blog. I could only wish I’ll get some payment for my pending balance from the old system in the next Friday.