Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Feeling Well

I am currently dealing with allergy and asthma as soon as I woke up this morning. Having my asthma medicine always really help me a lot of avoid having a serious attack just like what happened few months ago when I was brought to the ER almost a year ago. I was having hard time breathing and I feel uncomfortable.

I do have some offer for this site but because I am not really feeling well I might just do it later today. For now, I want to take a break and take a nap hoping that the allergy is gone when I wake up.

Although I am not feeling well I still have reason to celebrate as blessing keep coming for this site. I need to save for my domain and hosting renewal next month. 

Now I Know What Tnut Is

As a woman I admit my knowledge about tools, hardware or just anything that concern man’s work. It may sound odd but it’s true.

Just like when I was listening to my Uncle who asked my brother to buy him a t nut, I immediately ask my Uncle where he will use it and how it looks like for I honestly don’t have any idea how this look.

And since I can’t understand what my Uncle is talking about I decided to check online. Now I know what a T nut is.