Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Want My Son To Learn How Playing A Guitar

If there is one thing that I want the little one to learn it is playing a guitar or any kind of music instrument. I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I don’t have a thing on music, so I want the little one to achieve something that I failed to do. But of course I will not force him to do something that he doesn’t feel like doing.

However, if he would ask me to buy him a guitar in the future I might consider buying him one the great Jackson Guitars I saw in one of my latest online music store find. I heard a friend talking about this brand and he mentioned it’s one of the best brands available in the market.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Productive Wednesday

I woke up few minutes passed five in the morning to use the toilet. I tired going back to sleep but to no avail so I decided to open my notebook and started my thing online early. On time when I am about to talk to the boyfriend a power interruption occurred, what a bummer. So I as of this typing we don’t have electricity, but I decided to type this blog post and publish it when I get back the power. I hope soon so I can still catch up the boyfriend before he dose off to bed.

For days I've been joining AH again and soon I will be harvesting the fruit of my labor. I missed joining the group for like a decade already. Having slow notebook never stopped me for being productive, I only need to have a lot of patience. Power interruption won't stop me also from making each day productive.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Engagement Rings

Like any other ordinary girl I also dream of wearing a diamond ring engagement from my boyfriend. If that time comes, I am certain that I will be the happiest fiancĂ© on earth hehehehe….

Anyway, for those who are planning to propose I’d like you to check out Reeds Jewelers. It offers ample of choices of engagement rings that will fit your budget. The site is also perfect to those who are searching for a perfect gift whether it’s for your wife or husband or for your children.

Power Interuption

We don’t have electricity as of this typing, since I don’t have anything to do I decided to make this blog post and publish it as soon as I get back the electricity.

It’s been raining down here in my other part of the world. The weather makes me snuggle with my pillow and blanket. Oh well, since I actually don’t have anything to do after I am done with this post I might as well go back to bed. I have some tasks to do later today.

For some reasons I’ve been slacking in the blogging world for quite sometimes and I do have a lot of catching up to do such as building the traffic of my blogs. I am just grateful that I still manage to join the weekly comment exchange although I missed dropping for my two blogs. Well, it’s better than nothing, as the saying goes.