Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Picture Of Me And Heart

Good morning!Here is a picture of me and my niece during our latest visit the famous Mc Arthur Park in Palo Leyte, where the kids had a blast. I hope I will have another chance to pamper the kids this summer vacation.

It Holy Tuesday, the little one and my Mom will soon leave to attend the Moving up and Recognition Rites of the little one. Yes! It is my Mom who will go with the little one as I am not feeling well. Good thing the little one give in to my request as he didn’t agreed the idea yesterday and last night.

On the other note, I don’t have any plan for today. So, I will be just staying at home running my online things as I still have few undone tasks that needed my attention. I want to be free of work tomorrow and in the next following days.

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emzkie said...

u guys look so cute! the little one looks like she is enjoying your company.