Saturday, September 28, 2013

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In the field known as Christian fiction, a recent popular trend has been romance books centered on the Amish experience. Many of these books involve Amish characters and settings, providing readers with an opportunity to vicariously experience a slower-paced, old-fashioned kind of life. That sort of life seems to have an enormous appeal to many women living in fast-paced modern times.

“Christian fiction” refers to books published by Christian publishers and penned by authors who try to convey some aspect of the Christian life in the lives of their characters. Romance is one of the more popular trends in the field, with romance novels that have decidedly old-fashioned values in comparison to romance books published by mainstream, secular publishers. Amish romances are a further, specific subset of this trend.

The trend was kick started with the 1997 publication of a novel titled The Shunning. Its author, Beverly Lewis, went on to write other Amish novels and became of the best-selling writers in the Christian market. Many other writers have joined the ranks of Amish romance writers. Besides Lewis, two of the most popular are Wanda Brunstetter and Cindy Woodsmall.

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