Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reasons To Be Grateful Today

Yay! I really have a good reason to smile this morning although I am having headache. The reasons- first, I wake up seeing a notification from one of the pay to blog site regarding the two copy paste I need to publish here. Recently, I have been receiving copy paste tasks from this site for the past couple of months and its pays good.

Secondly, I am few dollars away to redeem my first payout in my newly found writing hubs. I am excited for my first payout. I am certain that I am going to do it in a day or two. I am somehow anxious of what is going to happen in my first payout as I’ve read some unsuccessful redemption because of breaking the website’s rules. Well, I could only hope that everything will fall into places when I have my first redemption.

Lastly, I got few tasks from my all time favorite pay to blog site. The website has been quite for sometimes. I really miss those times when I have bundle of tasks to do with them. And of course, who will not miss the tasks with stars. Surely we do miss them, right?

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