Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's PRS Guitar

I always wonder what type of guitar it is that guitarist in the band used. I mean those professional bands who earn for a living performing on stage.

Now, I know what it is, after I stumble upon a music store that offer wide selection of best prs guitars. I also found out that this type of guitar is a bit expensive, with this I am not surprise that I don’t actually see prs guitar used being used those teenagers who plays guitar for fun.

Not So Well

I have sore throat for few days, already. As much as I don’t want to drink cold drinks I could not stop myself because of scorching temperature. Aside from sore throat allergy has been a constant visitor lately. With this I am actually lazy to go to the city because of the ongoing road construction on the way to the city there’s too much dust. Oh well, our backyard is not exempted as it is a playground of our dogs and puppies so dust is also all over. Haist, I hope it will rain for a day.

On the other note, I still have few undone tasks to finish. I didn’t blog much yesterday as I was outside. I will be going somewhere in few hours so I decided to get up early and started working with my undone tasks.