Friday, August 30, 2013

An Offer Finally

Woot! For the first time I got an offer from a pay to blog site wherein I didn’t give much attention before as I am comfortable putting the specific code to given in any of my site. But few months ago, I decided to give it a try, I got few leads but never been an offer. So, yesterday I a notification regarding the two lead in my dashboard, I was not really hoping that it will be an offer in a day or two. Perhaps it is because I am used on not getting any offer from this pay to blog site.

But my faith change, when I received a notification about an offer waiting in dashboard. For the first time in my blogging journey I had an offer for this site. Their sister company was my favorite pay to blog site when I started blogging but for some reason the site is not active anymore. I guess it the company was affected by the economic crisis as the payout decrease in time of the economic recession.

Anyway, I hope this is a good start. I am considering on submitting my other site for approval.