Monday, December 30, 2013

Tips To Have A Good Quality Journal

How many writing journals have you purchased in your lifetime? If you are like many people, you have purchased at least a handful. If you are a prolific writer, use journal writing as a form of stress relief or simply enjoy spending time with your own thoughts, then you my have purchased hundreds of journals over the years.

You have seen so many different journals, but every once in awhile you come across one that stands out from the rest. These are journals that become more than just journals, but what exactly makes them stand out?

Hand Craftsmanship

A journal is more than just another journal when it is handcrafted for durability and a sense of luxury. These are journals designed with great love by people who understand how important a good journal is to the right person. It is the fine details that stand out with a homemade journal. You appreciate the attention given to those details, and that makes your journal feel special and valuable.

Quality Materials

Moleskin, premium leather and other high-quality materials make a huge difference when it comes to journals. You can pick up a cheap journal made of thin paper or plastic and expect it to do its job of collecting your words until the pages are filled. Alternatively, you can pick up a luxurious journal created with higher-quality products and spend time stroking the cover, smelling the pages and simply enjoying its presence. These are the journals that make putting your thoughts on the page enjoyable and worthwhile.


Your monogram or a fancy letter on the cover of your journal can make journal writing more rewarding. Adding a quote that touches your soul or a sentimental phrase that gets you motivated can make the difference between sticking with a project or giving up before your goal is met. When you make your journal your own, it becomes far more than a cheap journal you can toss into the junk drawer.

Do You Need More?

If you have never thought much about the quality of your journal or the way it makes you feel when you pick it up, start thinking about those things right now. You have important work to do. Make sure your journal lives up to the occasion. If you want to see what a journal can really be, visit Jenni Bick Bookbinding.

How's Your Christmas

So it’s almost New Year yet I haven’t posted any about the Christmas Day. Oh well, our Christmas was different this time, although we still celebrated the holiday with some foods my mom, my younger sister’s family and my son was not around. My Mom celebrated Christmas with my younger sister family while my son celebrated Christmas with the family of his father. As for me I was with my younger brother and his family and the family of my Uncle. But unfortunately, we will not have my older brother and his family in any Christmas Day as they are now in heaven with our Lord.

How about you were you able to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your loved ones or are you working?