Thursday, November 26, 2015

Long Elegant Prom Dresses

I am glad that I do not have any picture taken during our Prom night back in high school. I can still vividly remember my look. And boy! I am not pleasant to look at. Well, I am not alone because most of did not hire someone to do our hair and make up. The gowns we were wearing was not elegant and stunning as well if I am to compared the gowns these days. If someone will ask me to wear the gown wore on that time there is no doubt that I will say NO without a second thought.

Now, that I have a cousin who is a professional make up artist I sometimes wish that I was born after he was born so I will be perfectly beautiful every time I am going to attend the Prom night. Wearing one of the Long Prom Dresses I found at Landybridal. One of the sought after online store in Europe when it comes to your bride, bridesmaid and other special occasions need.


I perfectly love the idea of wearing the royal blue long gown. It may be look simple on picture but I know it will look elegant on me.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Romantic Chiffon Short Dress at 80% Discount!

Achieve a prom-queen and sassy look with our newest Pink Chiffon Short Dress that's ideal for all evening social events. Try our other sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL!

Pink but almost Old Rose in color, this short dress is the hottest we have in store for you! With an embedded plain light-colored ribbon for added detail and Chiffon material to give a sheer illusion, this dress will make any eye fall for you.
The twirly laces at the back portion of the dress really looks playful. The pleats and crumples on the dress makes it prettier and very feminine. More details of this dress are can be found in this link

Wearing a vibrant colored lipstick matches this dress best!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Am Back For Good

I am really hoping that I am really back for good. I could not believe that I neglected this blog for almost a year now. When I am just started in the blogging world I can vividly remember how excited I am to post random update. In fact, there are times that I can post multiple blog post in a day but that was before, when I am still addicted to blog and when I still have a reliable desktop and internet connection. But most of all it was before I started maintaining multiple blogs.

I knew having multiple blogs is not enough reason to neglect my blogs because in the first place it was my choice to make as many blog as I can. Anyway, now that I am in the mood to blog I will try my best not to lost the mojo I have right now. Instead I will use it as a motivation to blog more and keep all blog updated in a regular basis.